Common to All

To some it has become somewhat cliche to talk about injustice, but that does not make the everyday instances of injustice go away. Also, there are certain kinds of injustice that the mammoth mainstream media will not talk about in much detail, however many people may be affected by that, or however unaddressed the issue remains.

So, along with the perception of a ‘lot of talk on injustice’, there exists a deafening silence on part of those who possess the resources to inform many about certain kinds of injustice. We are a few people from India (so far, until we hear from people living elsewhere wanting to be a part of us) who are frustrated with the injustice we note, and we want to talk about it.

There are some who find the existence of atheists to be an injustice, there are those who find anti-capitalist struggles to be an injustice, there are those who stand opposed to gender equality. These are only three examples of the ‘talks on injustice’ that we disagree with. Anti-capitalism isn’t injustice, neither is atheism or gender equality. We have a different definition of injustice that is still taking shape, and your inputs will help develop our ideas.

We believe that there are many kinds of oppressive hierarchies at work in our everyday lives, our everyday interactions, our evaluations of those around us, and many, many of which have not been well-identified or pointed out. At the same time, we see oppression legitimized and carried out by the economically and politically powerful of the society. We want economic equality, use of resources for collective good, and social equality where people aren’t oppressed based on their ethnicity, abilities, looks, language etc. and all socially imposed restrictions like nationality, caste, gender performances are nonexistent.

We want reasoned debates. We LOVE them. We would love to see constructive social work emerging from them. We do not believe in forcibly homogenizing opinions, rather we would love to see us debate out our positions, accept when we’re wrong, and be constructive about ourselves and others. Here we write under our own names/pseudonyms, unless the Commons team decide otherwise. We would love to see different positions on different issues, even those that differ with our views. So feel totally free to share your thoughts through comments and posts which you can send at You can write in any language you want to. You can send videos, pictures – basically anything through which you want to communicate.

If you want more connection with us, write to us at the above-mentioned email id, or reach us through comments on the blog.



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