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Socialism and Environment – Towards a Synthesis Beyond Marxism

At a time when a massive heat wave is claiming lives at an unprecedented rate in India, it is worthwhile talking about environment, even in the context of an admittedly “Bourgeoisie” environment day. There are a large number of NGOs, corporate social responsibility projects as well as political groups who clamor for attention over environmental issues. In the bigger scheme of things, certainly the corporate sponsored programs, that do not address larger issues that would expose the capitalist undercurrent of mainstream environmentalism, dominate the discourse. The Marxists and other leftists are at the forefront of theorizing over environmental concerns in the alternative paradigm. When we say alternative though, we must be a little careful, as there is a lack of idea of what a genuinely alternative blueprint will look like. It is this failure of mainstream leftists, particularly Marxists, to conceive of an alternative vision of a socialism that is ecologically and environmentally sensitive, that will concern us in the present article.
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