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Why did I use a Rainbow Filter Display on Facebook?

Ever since the judgement of the US Supreme Court came out legalizing the same-sex marriage, there is an outnumbered reaction on social media sites regarding Facebook display pictures and it exactly went viral when people like me started using the celebrate pride link created by Facebook which can transform the display picture into rainbow filter. Initially, the change of DP on FB might be to show some solidarity to the victory of love over partner preference. So, I also chose to use the celebrate pride link to change the colour of my DP only to show support and solidarity. First thing came in my mind while changing the DP was that, may be it can pressurize the society and the government to change their perceptions towards the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) people and it is the right time to hit the iron hard.

                                                                            Celebration of Pride

But soon after the things went wrong. People started using the celebrate pride link as a fun-sharing tool. Some people even do not know the actual meaning of the colour. They just used the link out of bound and by just following the trend on FB. No one knows as to when the trend becomes a troll. Continue reading Why did I use a Rainbow Filter Display on Facebook?


Yes, I Cheer the US Same-sex Marriage Ruling, But With Worries

Yes, I support the US Supreme Court ruling, but not because I think that “love” has won. Marriage is a legal/social institution between two people. Marriage is not a stamp that you need to establish that you ‘love’ someone. Neither does marriage mean that there is ‘love’ between the pair. It would be nice if people stopped equating marriage and love while celebrating the ruling.

Marriage Celebration al 062
image from kansascity.com

Then why do I celebrate the ruling? One, because if you, a resident of the US, want to live with a same-sex partner who’s from outside the US, now you’d be able to get your partner a citizenship. Two, it is discriminatory to have less choices for homosexual relationships. If a heterosexual couple can choose to marry or not to marry, so should a homosexual couple. Three, in a society like the US where most opportunities are market-dictated, if a partner has sacrificed employment opportunities in order to be with their partner, in case such a union breaks, that person would be eligible for compensation.
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Porn as an Ally of the Institutions of Marriage and Family

1. Approaching these questions online with a google search – something like porn+marriage – shows most debate to indicate that porn is at odds with or harmful to ‘marriage’. Arguments seem to range from ‘watching porn is considered infidelity by partners’, to ‘watching porn erodes emotional attachments’ to ‘watching porn makes sexual intercourse between partners less interesting’ to ‘porn leads to comparison’ to ‘it makes for bad parenting’ to ‘it is an addiction’ to ‘porn is a pathway to infidelity’ and so on. Clearly, the arguments are as numerous as the people voicing them, hence lack any general value; moreover, they seem like they apply to individual households rather than to marriage in any broad sense.

2.What is also noteworthy of these discussions is that the family they have as reference is the Christian American or European family; some openly state their concerns in terms of findings (“50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women are addicted”). Therefore, partly the debate is to be seen as an extension on the general prudish debate, in which religion comes to hold a visible presence against what are dubbed as forms of immorality. The core of the problem, however, seems to be the break-up of the family unit. It is assumed in these discussions that the family is natural to humans. We can imagine similar concerns to come up had these questions been raised in our own context, with “Christian” replaced by the analogous organized religious identity, and other kinds of scriptural references and arguments against porn.

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