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Kiss of ‘Love’?

by Sutanaya

The first thing that came to my mind when I decided that I would write a piece on the Kiss of Love protests for this new blog was how many possible misinterpretations there would be of what I want to say. I am in favour of the act of public kissing per se being used as a protest form against imposing restrictions on public physical intimacy, be it by the state police or the self-appointed police folks of the society. However, the articles and facebook updates I’ve come across (such as the ones on the Delhi Kiss of Love event page) and the speeches I listened to (such as the one by Nivedita Menon) of the pro-Kissoflove camp are either presenting the notion of Kiss of Love in a way that I’m not fully in agreement with, or are silent about such presentations. So it may be easy to interpret my opinions as a dismissal of Kiss of Love, but I want to stress that that is not what I want to do. Rather I’d like to add to the existing discourse around #KOL, while supporting its agenda of freedom of consensual intimacy. And here I will focus on only parts of the discourse around Kiss of Love, leaving out the counters to the Sanghi opposition of #KOL, because many others have already called out the Sanghis elaborately on their patriarchal, misogynist, rape-sanctioning, violent, casteist, religious fundamentalist standpoints and acts.
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